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Advantages and disadvantages of bathroom accessories


space aluminum and stainless steel Which is better, space aluminum or stainless steel - advantages

Advantages of space aluminum:

Space aluminum is a popular material on the market in recent years. Space aluminum was used in aviation manufacturing in the early days, so it is called space aluminum. Unlike ordinary iron materials, space aluminum has the advantages of not easy to rust, not easy to fade, relatively environmentally friendly, and relatively durable. Therefore, it is ideal to use it as a bathroom hardware pendant. Space aluminum is an aluminum product with high strength and corrosion resistance. It is light and durable. The biggest advantage is that it will not rust. The surface of the bathroom hardware pendant made of space aluminum material is generally oxidized, and the surface is fine and smooth. The color of space aluminum products is silver, which is also the color that most young people like. The cost performance is the highest among all materials, suitable for most people to buy.

Advantages of stainless steel

For those who want to decorate, they should be familiar with the material of stainless steel! Its hardness is relatively high, it is not easy to deform, and it can hang heavy things. It has heat resistance, low temperature resistance, and strong corrosion resistance.

Which is better, space aluminum or stainless steel - disadvantages

Disadvantages of Space Aluminum

The feeling of space aluminum is not so heavy in the hand, and the texture is not so good compared with other materials. Many consumers are not suitable for pursuing high-quality space aluminum. In addition, the surface of space aluminum is a matte color. Although it can be dyed into various colors with potions, it is not as bright as electroplating.

Disadvantages of stainless steel

Poor quality stainless steel will still rust in an environment with high humidity, and the cost of installation is relatively high, and the price is relatively expensive. In addition, stainless steel hardware is not resistant to the corrosion of alkaline materials, long-term use or careless maintenance will cause relatively great damage to stainless steel hardware pendants. The hardware pendants in the bathroom generally only hang relatively light items such as towels, so there are no particularly strict requirements on the material of the hardware pendants.

So, which is better, space aluminum or stainless steel in the bathroom? After reading this article, everyone should understand that no matter which material has advantages and disadvantages, if it is to hang heavy things, it is recommended that you buy heavy stainless steel products. If it is to hang household items such as lightweight towels, it is also good to choose space aluminum. No matter which material you choose, you must choose a trustworthy brand. Because only a good brand can guarantee the quality of its products.

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