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Enzyme characteristics


Enzyme characteristics

Enzymes are characterized as follows:

1. The enzyme has a high-efficiency catalytic ability; its efficiency is the 7th power of 10 to the 13th power of 10 of the general inorganic catalyst.

2. Enzymes are specific, and each enzyme can only catalyze one or one type of chemical reaction.

3. After the enzyme participates in every reaction in the organism, its nature and quantity will not change (similar to a catalyst).

4. The action conditions of the enzyme are relatively mild. The chemical reactions catalyzed by enzymes are generally carried out under relatively mild conditions. Enzymes have the highest activity under optimum temperature and pH conditions. High or low temperature and pH will significantly reduce enzyme activity.

Too acid, too alkali or too high temperature will destroy the spatial structure of the enzyme and permanently inactivate the enzyme. At about 0°C, the activity of the enzyme is very low, but the spatial structure of the enzyme is stable, and the activity of the enzyme can increase at a suitable temperature. The catalytic efficiency of an enzyme for a chemical reaction is called enzymatic activity.

5. Activity adjustability.

6. The catalytic performance of some enzymes is related to cofactors.

7. Mutability: Most enzymes are proteins, so they will be destroyed by high temperature, strong acid, strong alkali, etc.


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