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How to remove crayon marks from walls?


If we use a crayon to draw on the wall accidentally, or a child at home holds a crayon to graffiti on the wall, how should we remove the crayon marks on the wall?

1. Heating method

Because the crayon is a waxy component, it is easy to melt when exposed to heat. We can use a piece of flannelette to heat it with an iron, and then use the flannelette to wipe the crayon marks, which can be easily removed. After a while, wipe it off with a velvet cloth.

2. Grinding method

You can buy some sandpaper and polish the crayon marks to a certain extent. Remember to start lightly, otherwise it is easy to cause damage to the wall. You only need to polish off the crayon marks on the surface.

3. Toothpaste cleaning method

Toothpaste contains abrasives, which can dilute the crayon pigment very well. Squeeze the toothpaste on the crayon marks, and then gently scrub with a towel or brush.

4. Baking soda

Baking soda is a surface active substance that can emulsify with oil to clean the grease. Our crayons also contain oil, so sprinkle soda on a rag to wipe off the crayon marks.

5. White vinegar

White vinegar is similar to baking soda, which can effectively dilute the crayon paint. We use a paper towel to dip the white vinegar and press it on the crayon marks, and then wipe it gently.

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