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What are the characteristics of the dome hotel tent


The dome tent adopts a unique 360° capsule design concept, which can bring you a new and unique visual experience, and also makes the dome tent a new generation of tent products and benchmark products. The spherical tent has a broad imagination space and can be used in various places such as movie theaters, exhibition halls, hotels, homestays, and weddings.

Throughout the space, the spherical dome tent is stylish, convenient and safe. In terms of engineering installation and disassembly, spherical tents are not only simple and fast, but also have no special requirements for site selection. It is advantageous in future expansion or migration.

What are the characteristics of the spherical hotel tent?

The diameter of the spherical dome tent is 5M, 6M, 8M, 9.5M, 12M, 14M, 19M, 25M, 30M to 60M and other sizes, and different diameters of spherical tents can be selected according to site needs, space size, and functions. Combined to form a complete tent theme group.

In addition, various accessories are available such as translucent fabric tarpaulins, transparent fabric tarpaulins, air conditioners, floors, ceiling interiors, glass doors and many more. Create a variety of tents with different styles and themes.

The fabric cover of the dome tent is made of flame-retardant double-sided PVC synthetic fiber cloth. The flame retardant standard complies with European DIN4102 B1 and M2 standards. Its protective function (windproof, rainproof, anti-ultraviolet) fully complies with international standards.

The spherical star tent dome is made of fully transparent PVC fabric membrane, which is especially suitable for various activities at night, and can create various excellent lighting effects.

In addition, the spherical hotel tent frame is made of Q235 high-strength steel pipe. The surface is treated by hot-dip galvanizing and white spraying to increase the strength and prevent rust. Sturdy and safe, the windproof ability of the tent can reach level 8-12. The service life can reach twenty or thirty years.

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